Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Vicious Vest

Last winter, I finally gave into the vest trend.  At first I didn't understand the purpose...why would you wear something that didn't even keep your arms warm?  Well duh, to look cute of course!  But after embracing the vest, I realized that not only does it look cute, it does in fact keep you pretty warm.  It's all about your core!  So now that I am down with the vests, I figured I would expand my collection.  I had seen this vest all over blogland and pinterest, so when I saw Blue Avenue, one of my new favorite boutiques, offering a similar vest, I jumped on the opportunity!  Here is a collection of all of the ways I am excited to style my new vest this season:

I've already nailed look 3 in a casual way skeet shooting (random new hobby)...and as my friend told me, I "fit right in for hunting at The Gap!"

Do you ever change your mind about fashion trends?  I find that I have initially disliked a lot of my favorite fashion trends before falling in love with them...oops!

Linking up with Sarah and Shanna!  Happy Wednesday!


  1. OMG so cute! Can I use this picture of you shooting for Blue Avenue? That is AWESOME!

  2. This one is my favorite vest, but sadly just looks silly on me!! You totally fit right in!!

  3. I have been swooning over this vest since last year...just haven't pulled the trigger. Thanks for sharing another place to shop for it. And you go girl with the shooting!! :) That is AWESOME!!

  4. Love this picture!! And I have a new obsession with vests, too. I bought the Old Navy 'sort of' version before I saw the Blue Avenue one.. and now I'm wondering if I should still get it as well?! You can never have too many vests ;)


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