Saturday, December 1, 2012

Workout Challenge

Happy December!!!  I can't believe December is here already!  I love the Christmas season, but with the season comes an abundence of parties, food, alcoholic treats - which is of course all FUN but makes the start of the new year a little less fun when your pants are fitting a little tighter!  I always TRY not to over indulge during the holidays but I eventually give in to the Christmas spirit and find myself lifting cookies as opposed to weights, and getting my cardio in by shopping for gifts!

The other day, I read about the 2012 Closeout Challenge on Courtney's blog, and decided to give it a shot!  Basically, the challenge is to pick 3-5 exercises and complete a total of 2012 repetitions during the month of December.  Sound easy enough?      After finishing 12 weeks of bootcamp, I was familiar with a good number of exercises that I knew would whip my booty into shape. I decided on the following:

2012 workout

It comes out to 1 plank a day, and roughly 16 of all the other exercises.  I have a feeling I will be regretting my choice of burpees...



So hopefully between this, and my half marathon next weekend (eeeeek!) I will be ringing in 2013 feeling great!  You can follow the challenge on twitter/instagram with the hashtag #closeoutworkout.  Who is down to take on the challenge with me?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fashion Friday - Mustard

Well I totally meant to post this days ago, but this week got away from me!  I have been a crazy, outfit pinning fool lately on pinterest and decided I really needed to start using my pins for daily outfit inspiration.  I have been obsessed with mustard tones this fall (if you told me this a few years ago, I probably would have said ewwww) and have recently purchased a mustard skirt, and cardigan (seen here!) both from The Limited.  So I have kept my eyes peeled when stalking pinterest to find ways to utilize both.  Which brings us to exhibit A:


I had all the essentials to create this look so I was pumped!  While getting ready I thought about trying it with my 'ol faithful Steve Madden boots (that everyone and their mother seems to have - even my Mom has some similar!) and ended up being faced with a decision:

Excuse my creepy mirror selfies...

I instantly was sold on the boots option (mainly because I love the cozy feeling of socks + tights) but plan to utilize the pumps option in the future.  I sorta felt like I stepped out of Nashville, but I was ok with that!  Yay for outfit inspirations!

Shirt - Forever 21 (similar)

Skirt - The Limited

Sweater - Loft, from 2009! (similar)

Tights - Who knows?!  Target I think.

Boots - Steve Madden 

Necklace - Premier Designs (from when I hosted a party last year)

Happy Friday!! :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Favs

Today I am doing my first ever blog link up with one of my fav (former Dallas) bloggers, The Bargain Blonde to share some of my current favorite things:


I have said it before, but I LOVE getting things for free!  Since my birthday was yesterday, my email has been blowing up the past 2 weeks with nonstop deals.  I love it!  So far I have cashed in my free Which Wich, Starbucks, Jason’s Deli, and Yummilicious fro-yo!  I still have a few more to redeem next week and looking forward to it!

 Chiffon Tops

I am seriously obsessed!!  If it’s made of chiffon, I pretty much want it on my body asap.  I actually got a total of 4 for my birthday from my cousins Stephanie and Julie!  One of which happens to be this exact shirt:


 Animal Print

ROAR! I have always been a fan of animal print and I love how leopard print is everywhere you look these days!  Plus it goes with almost everything and can spice up any outfit!

 Christopher Columbus

Yes, you read that right.  I love him because he discovered America…ok who am I kidding?  I love him because he is the reason I always get a 3 day weekend around my birthday!  Holla for bank holidays!!


Camp Gladiator

The final week of this session just wrapped up, but I ended up signing up for the next one!  CG STRONG!  Fun fact - CG and I have the same birthday! :)


I am such a late bloomer with social networking these days.  I resisted twitter for years and when I finally caved I became a tweeting maniac so it’s no surprise that the same thing is occurring with Instagram.  If you follow me, I am sorry if I am annoying!  :)

  What are you favorite things this week??  Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Today is my 28th birthday (this is being posted exactly at my time of birth!)  so I thought I would reflect on 27 of my favorite memories from my 27th year:

(in chronological order)

  1. Aggie football weekend with my family

  2. Dressing up as Katy Perry for Halloween 2011

  3. Rock n Roll San Antonio Relay w/ my sister Lauren

  4. Vegas with some awesome kids to celebrate Andrew and Hayes’ B-Days!

  5. Surviving the White Rock Half Marathon in freezing rain (and dressed as a penguin!)

  6. Jenn's awesome Christmas party in my nutcracker costume

  7. Ringing in 2012 with some of my favorites

  8. Frank’s epic going away party

  9. Snuggie Pub Crawl in my nontraditional Snuggie

  10. Mardi Gras 2012 - enough said!

  11. Shaving 13 minutes off my half marathon time at the Cowtown

  12. Stephanie’s Bridal Shower in SA – The premiere of J&J Events

  13. St Patty’s Day shenanigans

  14. My first trip to Chicago, and PRing again at the Chi Town Half (by 30 seconds, but still a PR!)

  15. Random April tornado that totaled out Stanley the Sebring…but resulted in the new Howie the Honda

  16. Stephanie and Brandon’s couple’s shower and my parents visiting Dallas

  17. Rebecca’s visit to Dallas where she asked me to be her Maid of Honor

  18. Finishing up my provisional year in the Junior League of Dallas

  19. Napa trip with Jenn and Elana

  20. My sister Lauren’s visit to Dallas for the LMFAO concert and uptown shenanigans

  21. Stephanie’s Bachelorette party – Call Me Maybe?!?!?!

  22. My cousin/first/best friend’s wedding to one of the greatest guys I know

  23. 4th of July shenanigans with my partner in crime, Julie

  24. Cancun vacation with Julie, Una, and Katie

  25. Leah and Andrew’s shower for their sweet baby Graham

  26. Cousin trip to LA with Stephanie and Julie

  27. Boston trip to celebrate Elana’s Birthday (part 2 this weekend!)

What will 28 have to offer??


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wild Wednesday!

I have currently found myself OBSESSED with leopard print!  It goes with everything and can make an outfit pop!  I find myself thinking up random outfits (and getting inspired by pinterest and blogs) and dreamed up this little number this morning while working out at boot camp (because I am pretty much always thinking about what I am going to eat, or what I am going to wear while working out):

Shirt – Frenzi (random h00chie store in Lewisville)

Pants – Limited, Cassidy Fit Bootcut (from 2010)

Belt – Limited

Shoes – Payless (from 2011) Similar

 I went to limited yesterday because I had an expiring coupon, and haven’t been in there in what felt like forever!  I made out like a bandit!  Most everything was 40% off on top of my coupon.  I ended up getting the above mentioned leopard belt, 2 cardigans, the cutest iPhone cover I have ever seen, and a random ring (to push my total to 100 so I could get $30) off.  My total was only $56!  I guess I won’t be upgrading to the new iPhone 5 anytime soon – this cover is too cute!!  It will keep me happy with the iPhone 4 for the time being!  Happy Wednesday!


Friday, September 28, 2012

Free Coffee Friday!

It’s no secret I LOVE me some freebies! What is it about free things that make them so much better (besides the fact you aren’t sparing any change)?? When I heard from my cousin Stephanie that 7-Eleven was offering free coffee today, I was pumped! Especially because it was a 20 oz size, and because I didn’t really have to go out of my way to get it since there is one I pass every morning (and yes, I usually go out of my way to collect my free goods – don’t judge). After a sweaty bootcamp session, I rolled up to my local 7-Eleven and filled up a red Romney cup with some hazelnut brew!


So tasty! I usually make coffee in my keurig, so different flavors are always a treat. I forgot how much I love hazelnut flavored coffee, and since it is now fall I need to stock up! Sad confession – I decided to swing by again before making my commute to the office to top off my bevie, but they were out of hazelnut! :) I settled for some Brazilian Extra Bold and dumped in an extra creamer to weaken it and it was also amazing! Cheers to 7-Eleven! Happy Friday!

(this is how I look after drinking 40oz of coffee - jittery JRaab!!)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Read me maybe?

Sooo I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my blog - so read me maybe??

...Ok so after saying I was going to do this about a thousand times, I decided to start a blog to cover all the bases of my JRaabulous lifestyle: family, friends, food, fashion, fun, and fitness!

New to the blogging circuit so no judgement please!  Stay tuned...
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