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Hi, I'm Janice!.  I ♥ : God, family, friends, running, pilates, yoga, running half marathons, purses, my iPhone, Texas A&M, text msgs, San Antonio Spurs, jamming out in my car, leopard print, shoes, hot tubs, Chick-Fil-A, happy hour, cooking, dvr, brunch, my iPhone, online shopping, karaoke, White Russians (the drink), reading blogs, margaritas, bows, Kendra Scott, dropping it like it's hott, eating, painting my nails, dancing in my room, Pinterest, singing in the shower, wine, the color coral, sweet tea vodka, dance parties, Yelp, traveling, Big Macs, laying out, spaghetti (especially when it's made by my Mom!) laughing, Mexican beer, inside jokes, dirty martinis, sales, Mexico, Kit Kats, pedicures, hamburgers, hammocks, patios, pay day, Texas Rangers, exploring Dallas, Body Pump, pictures, summertime, penguins, reality television, sleeping, avocados, accessories, cheesecake, guacamole, peanut M&Ms...and loving life! :)

If you would like to collaborate, you can contact me via jraabulous@gmail.com.  I would love to work with you!

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