Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites: Recipe Roundup!

I go through phases of cooking new recipes up a storm, or being super lazy and avoiding the grocery store like the plague.  I always feel better about myself when cooking my own food, so luckily I have been on a cooking kick lately!  Here are the top 5 favorite recipes I have tried lately (and they all received the boyfriend stamp of approval!):

1. One Pot Taco Pasta

This was really good, and great for leftovers!  I followed the recipe exactly except I used ground turkey instead of ground beef.  If you like spice, I would add in some chili powder or red pepper because it didn't have much of a kick.  I served mine with a spoonful of greek yogurt and diced avocado.

2. Cheeseburger Casserole

This casserole has been on my list of dishes to make for awhile.  The idea of it reminded me of the good 'ol Hamburger Helper we used to have when I was a kid, but this version is lightened up a little bit and less than 300 calories a serving.  Gina's recipes never let me down!

3. Broccoli and Cheese Mini Omelets

Breakfast isn't really my favorite meal, but I am really trying hard to eat something to get the day started right.  I am always rushing around so my breakfast has to be something I can quickly heat up or it just won't happen.  I have experimented with several "baked eggs in muffin pan" recipes and they have all been huge fails, so when I saw this recipe I didn't have high hopes but figured I would try it out because I have always had good luck with Skinnytaste recipes.  Also, I am not a huge fan of broccoli so I knew this recipe had the odds stacked against it.  Verdict - it was awesome!  They tasted like mini quiches!  They were very tasty heated up and topped with some salsa.  The only downfall was they stuck to my pan quite a bit so it was a pain to clean (I love cooking, but hate doing dishes!).  I attempted to remix this recipe this week and instead of broccoli, I used storebought pico de gallo and thought I would be smart and use cupcake liners to prevent the sticking.  Unfortunately that was a terrible idea because the liners basically dissolved and baked into the egg mixture.  I was so sad!!! Breakfast this week has been pretty lame since my planned breakfasts didn't workout.  

4. Black Bean and Sweet Corn Guacamole Dip

I made this dip the other weekend for my contribution to book club dinner with friends.  It was more work than I expected (lots of chopping and mixing) but was worth it!  It was a cool feeling knowing that I knew exactly what was in all layers of this dip!  I had never made my own bean dip before, and don't own a food processor (it's on my Christmas list!) so my poor little electronic chopper got a workout!  I used feta cheese because I couldn't find cotijia and it tasted just fine.  I also had an extra avocado on hand so used 3 instead of the recommended 2 (because there is no such thing as too much avocado!)

5. 7 Layer Salad Bars

I made these as a last minute addition to the menu for my cousin Stephanie's baby shower back in August.  I stumbled upon the recipe on good 'ol Pinterest and figured they looked easy enough to try out to add shower menu.  They ended up being a hit!  I made a few substitutions (nixed the peas, added shredded lettuce, used plain greek yogurt instead of miracle whip, and added in a half packet of ranch dressing mix to the greek yogurt/cream cheese mixture).  They really tasted like mini salads and were the perfect addition to our shower spread!  You really could make these your own by adding whatever your favorite salad toppings are.  I am planning to keep this recipe close by for the next shower I help host!

What are your favorite recipes?  I am always looking to try new ones, it makes cooking more exciting!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

If only I could wear this everyday...

Fall Uniform

I use the term "fall" loosely since we seem to only get 2 seasons here in Texas - Hot and Cold-ish...but we moved into the "Cold-ish" season earlier than usual this year and these have all been some of my wardrobe staples lately.  If only I could wear them to work!

1.  Denim Shirt - I love how this shirt can be worn with so many different things!  It is probably one of my most versatile shirts, and if you get it a little bigger so it covers your boo-tay you can wear it with...

2.  Black Leggings - Elastic waistband...need I say more?  Perfect for holiday eating! :)  I remember being very sad to return to work after the holidays last year because I realized I wore leggings about 90% of the time while I was off!  So cozy!  I also really enjoy colored leggings and recently got these from Fabletics in purple which are fun!

3.  Leopard Scarf - I love my leopard scarf because it can add a pop of fun to almost any outfit!  I also consider leopard a neutral most of the time so find myself wearing this scarf a lot!  It is also extra fun around the holidays because it always makes me feel a little bit more festive!

4.  Vest - As I gushed about last week, I have recently become obsessed with vests (oh hey, that rhymes!).  Every fall uniform deserves at least one good go-to vest.  I love this herringbone print vest because it goes with so much!  I have a few other colors on my wish list, but don't want to burn myself out on the vests so trying to hold back!

5.  Monogram Pullover - I have wanted a good monogram sweatshirt for awhile, and recently ordered this exact one from  It's so soft and fits perfectly!  I see myself wearing it quite a bit this fall/winter season.

6.  Statement Studs - I always find myself wearing a statement stud earring when wearing a scarf over a more dangly earring in order to not feel like I am overloaded with accessories.  I love Kendra Scott's Morgan Stud, and want it in every color (well primarily green and yellow just in case Santa is reading)!  

7.  Riding Boots - Everyone needs a go-to pair of riding boots!  I have got so much use out of my Steve Madden boots...definitely worth every penny and clearly a successful product for them since I bought mine 3 years ago and they still have it for sale!

Now I just need to somehow convince corporate America to allow me to dress like this everyday!

What are your favorite things to wear during fall?

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Vicious Vest

Last winter, I finally gave into the vest trend.  At first I didn't understand the purpose...why would you wear something that didn't even keep your arms warm?  Well duh, to look cute of course!  But after embracing the vest, I realized that not only does it look cute, it does in fact keep you pretty warm.  It's all about your core!  So now that I am down with the vests, I figured I would expand my collection.  I had seen this vest all over blogland and pinterest, so when I saw Blue Avenue, one of my new favorite boutiques, offering a similar vest, I jumped on the opportunity!  Here is a collection of all of the ways I am excited to style my new vest this season:

I've already nailed look 3 in a casual way skeet shooting (random new hobby)...and as my friend told me, I "fit right in for hunting at The Gap!"

Do you ever change your mind about fashion trends?  I find that I have initially disliked a lot of my favorite fashion trends before falling in love with them...oops!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Why hello there!  After a few several months away from this 'ol blog, I decided to give it a slight facelift/rebranding!  It is still a work in progress, but I have a had a few good ideas over the past few weeks and wanted to jump back in to the world of blogging!  The JRaabulous Life is now A Dash of Leopard...because what isn't better with a little leopard in your life?  Stay tuned for more!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Glam Series - Get Yo Tan On

The Glam Series - Tanning

Now, I don't totally agree with my statement above, but I do think having a nice glow can make you feel more confidant about your body but UV rays can be so dangerous!  Since I spent 2 summers lifeguarding and did my share of "fake baking" during college I try to be extra careful since I have probably done enough damage to my skin at this point.  

Sidestory: In college, I usually spent the spring hitting the tanning beds about 5 times a week to prepare for summer (looking back I wish I would have spent this time at the gym instead!).  It makes me sick to think about it!  Well, in true college student fashion, my roommates and I were procrastinating studying for finals and found a website where you could upload your picture and it told you which college student you most know who I got??? WHOOPI FREAKIN GOLDBERG!  That my friends, was the day I cancelled my tanning membership.  


Anyways, back to the task at hand.  Over the past few years I have discovered 2 great at home self tanners that I swear by!

St Tropez Self Tanning Mousse

This stuff is legit!  It comes out in a foamy brown mousse which I rub on using the glove shown in the picture.  Because it comes out in mousse form, I feel like it helps it go on evenly and the glove provides protection from what I like to call "cheeto fingers" which can sometimes happen with self tanners.  I do feel like this product is more like makeup for your body than actual self tanner, because it looks the best the day you apply it and maybe after one shower.  I usually put it on before I do my makeup so it can dry before I get dressed.  It has never come off on any of my clothing so I feel safe doing that.  It's great for adding just to your legs and arms if you are showing some skin and don't want to blind everyone with your winter white legs!

Kardashian Sun Kissed Instant Sunless Spray

My cousin Julie is a sunless tanning connoisseur!  She is always on top of the best salon to go to for a pre-event sunless tan, or what product to use in between so when she told me about this product last summer I knew it had to be good.  I believe it is only sold at Ulta, so I picked one up using a coupon as fast as I could.  Julie warned me it can be a little messy and recommended that I stand on a towel while spraying myself down so I did just that.  I also used my self tanning glove I already had to make sure it was all blended in ok.  The first time I used it I was so impressed with the results!  I felt like I had just got a mystic or versa spa tan from a salon.  It takes a little time to fully develop, so the next day I did notice a few drips and a streak here or there but it was pretty good for an at home tan!  Warning - if you go outside after applying this product you will get eaten alive by mosquitos!  I found this out from experience last summer!  This product line has a few other products that can help extend the life of your tan which Julie also swears by, but I have only tried this one.

Also, I threw in a pic of the Tory Burch sandals I am lusting over...I love how a gold sandal can match pretty much everything during the Spring/Summer months!

Linking up with Jordon again and looking forward to seeing what other self tanning products people swear by!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Throwback Tuesday - Happy Mardi Gras!

Happy Mardi Gras!!  I am very sad I didn't actually make it to good 'ol NOLA this year, but thought I would reminisce my last shrimp eatin, hurricane drinkin, new friend makin', bead catchin', wig wearin' MOST hilarious trip to the Crescent City back in 2012!

...and now you see that the picture at the top is a very true statement!  

Have you ever been to Mardi Gras?

Monday, March 3, 2014

March Goals

I can't believe it is already March!  It feels like we were just ringing in the new year!  However, it still feels like winter since we got snow again here in Dallas yesterday!  Funny how on saturday I was laying out in my swimsuit, and today I am bundled up trying to stay warm in 18 degrees weather.  That's Texas for you!  I thought I would start this month off with some goals to keep me accountable!


To get back to into my gym routine.  I am making it my goal to get 5 workout sessions in a week.  I have been really bad about going this year after being sick so really need to get back in the habit!  My goal is for 3 of these workout sessions to be high intensity cardio (interval runs, or BodyAttack) and the other days can be more strength training or core work (BodyPump, or a barre class).


Go to bed at a decent time...and by bed I mean actually my bed.  Not the couch.  


Drink more water, and less soda.


Eat more clean.  I haven't really been as good at sticking to a healthy eating plan lately, so I am going to make more of an effort to stop eating junk!


Oh yeah and of course this!  Just kidding! Dallas celebrates St Patty's on Saturday so I shouldn't have a problem!

Have a great Monday!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Glam Series - Nails

The Glam Series - Nails

Tweezerman manicure tool / Beauty product / Purple nail polish / Essie nail polish / OPI nail polish, $19 / Nail polish / Zoya nail polish / Opi nail polish / Mini Orange Sanding Blocks / ORLY Won't Chip (18g), $19 / Beauty Secrets / zoya

I have been waiting for "Nail Week" ever since Jordon started The Glam Series linkup!  Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved painting my nails.  I remember always begging my mom to paint mine and then when I became coordinated to paint my own, my nails were rarely left naked.  There is something about nicely painted nails that really makes you feel put together!  I also usually prefer to just paint my own nails over getting them done in a salon (unless I am going on a vacation and don't want to worry about chips or that case I will get a gel manicure).  In economics class, I remember learning about "The Lipstick Theory" in which during hard times women will purchase more lipstick vs expensive clothing to make themselves feel better, but in my case, I would choose to buy nail polish! :)  Here is a breakdown of some of my favorite products:


I always start by shaping my nails with a file, and then sanding the surfaces with a sanding block to make sure all the "flakey" layers come off.  It really helps the polish stay on if you start with an even nail surface!  I have also realized the importance of a top/base coat.  I used to think they were worthless steps in the manicure process, but they both really make a world of difference!  I am currently using a CND brand base coat I bought at Ulta.  I think it works pretty well, but I also want to try the Orly Nail Bonder I saw them using at a nail salon the last time I got a manicure.  


The best part!!  I probably have over 50 different nail polishes but I probably need to take some time and do a little cleanse to purge some old polishes that I haven't used in years.  I thought long and hard about which ones I wanted to feature here, so here are a few of favorites from my favorite brands (going from left to right in the picture above):

Zoya Dove - a soft grey that kind of reminds me of a cloudy day.  I like this because it is a really good neutral and leaves me feeling very fresh and clean.  I am actually wearing this polish as I type up this post!

Julep Sylvia - a muted purple, that is a fun pop of color without feeling like it's too much or immature.  I got this polish recently from a special promotion from the Julep site.  I ordered a nail polish holder bag and it included my choice of 4 nail polishes.  I tried to pick colors that I didn't already have so this one stuck out and I ended up liking it more than I thought I would!

OPI Glitzerland - a shiny gold.  I love this color!  I got it last Christmas time and have worn is so much!  It is a really great holiday shade and I use it a lot as an accent color if I am painting my ring finger a different color (which I do quite often and my boyfriend laughs at me).  It also looks great by itself on all 10 digits!  If I am feeling extra flashy, I will add on a coat of what I consider to be this polish's sibling, My Favorite Ornament.

Essie Turquoise and Caicos - a beachy turquoise/teal color. I have about 5 different turquoise/mint shades due to my Birchbox subscription (no idea why I always get this color!) but this is my favorite!   It is a great summer shade that makes me want to go on vacation!

OPI Cajun Shrimp - a bright coral.  This is probably my favorite nail polish shade ever!  If I am getting a pedicure I will pick this color up first almost every time without realizing it.  My sister is obsessed with it too!  I like the way polishes in the coral family look with my skin tone (over pinks/reds) so I naturally gravitate towards any polish in this category.  I also really love Kylie by Zoya but it looks like the discontinued it or maybe changed it's name because the Kylie they show now is a different color! :(

Zoya Janice - a deep red with fuchsia tones.  Ok, I must admit that the only reason I decided to order this polish was due to the fact it shared my name.  As a girl who rarely finds her name on anything, I was pumped to see there was a nail polish named after me!  I ended up really liking the color thankfully...I would be sad if the polish with my name was kinda blah!  It is a great fall/winter shade.  I also really like OPI Lincoln Park After Dark as a darker wine colored shade for the colder months.

Julep Raegan - a bright perfect pink.  I am not the hugest fan of pink, especially on my nails, but when I was choosing my polishes for the promotion I mentioned above, I was attempting to pick shades I didn't already have.  I didn't really have any pink polishes so I decided to give this one a try.  I ended up loving it!  I have never painted my nails a pink shade without feeling a little immature but this one felt just right!

I really like the consistency of all the above polish brands.  They all go on very smooth and really only require 1 coat which I feel like makes them chip less.  I have realized over the years that buying a nicer brand does make a difference and prefer to splurge a little bit over buying a cheap brand that will chip in a day.  It's hard work getting them all painted, so might as well have it last, right?  Plus a nice bottle of nail polish can last you years so I see it as an investment.


As I mentioned above in the Prep stage...I have realized the importance of a top/base coat.  I first tried an Orly top coat called Polished which I thought worked just ok, but after that one ran out I decided to try a different Orly brand top coat called "Won't Chip".  I figured that was a pretty bold statement so thought I would see if it lived up to it's name.  So far so good!  My nails are going on day 5 without any major chips, so I am a fan!


The saddest part!  But all good things must come to an end right?  I used to dread taking off my polish because I hated scrubbing at my nails.  I used to always use non-acetone type removers because I thought it was better for my nails.  A few years ago, I used a tutorial I found online to remove my gel manicure and it required 100% pure acetone.  Since I had the 100% pure acetone remover on hand I started using that to remove my regular polish and was amazed how easy it made it come off!  I just make sure to moisturize my nails and let them "breathe" for a little bit before putting polish back on them.  I haven't noticed any breakage or brittleness, so I don't know what I was scared of all these years!

What are your favorite nail products?  I am always a sucker for trying something new! Be sure to check out all the other posts on Jordon's blog - I can't wait to read them all!

The Glam Series

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'm the kinda girl who...

I've seen a few other bloggers do this and thought it was cute so I am joining in the fun!

I'm the type of girl who...

...doesn't like to be early so always ends up a little late.
...falls asleep on the couch.
...loves accessories.
...will respond to a text immediately.
...remembers everything to the point it can come off creepy.
...takes selfies with no shame.
...can't stop crying after it starts...gotta ride out that wave.
...gets into a routine and when it's disrupted has trouble getting back into it (aka my workout dilemma I mentioned here).
...prefers documentaries over reality tv (a recent discovery - ha!).
...loves trying new recipes but rarely will make something twice even if it's amazing.
...will go out of my way to get free stuff or to snag a good deal. 
...makes a mess when eating. sad when I'm done with my meal.
...has a hard time making decisions about anything.
...prefers salty over sweet.
...will follow up hardcore workout with a fast food meal and have no guilt.

That's meeeee!  What kind of girl are you?

Birthday selfie with no shame!

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Sidenote...Since I am new to this whole blogging thaang and just created my own shiny new button right over there to the right, I am now curious as to the etiquette of blog buttons.  Do you ask before slapping someone else's button to your page or is it a free for all?  I'm clueless!  Any insight would be greatly appreciated! :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Evolution of My Hair

Over the years, my 'do has gone through some serious changes...warning...I am about to expose to you my hair past:

1 - 2004

This is my hair au natural...before I ever did anything damaging to it.  Ah, those were the days...

2 - Beginning of 2005

I first began getting blonde highlights

3 - End of 2005

The blonde highlights start getting more intense

4 - Early 2006

The worst picture ever.  This is what I get for getting my hair done from a place that put coupons on the back of an HEB receipt...what was I thinking?!

5 - Summer 2006

I had it with the gross blonde highlights turned full blonde hair and began dying it back to my natural color/crying every day over the fact I had ruined my hair.

6 - Fall 2006

I somehow decided it would be cute to cut my hair crazy short (and dress like a bumblebee #collegelife)

7 - Fall 2007

I graduated and was living the "big girl" life and thought it would be sophisticated to go a shade darker than my natural color.  It wasn't really a bad decision but after this color faded, I was basically back to my natural color and spent the next 6 years growing my hair out and keeping it back to it's natural color state.

8 - 2012

My natural hair once again!

9 - 2013

I started to get the itch to get highlights again so I made myself look at all my old pictures with terrible blonde highlights but took the plunge and got some subtle blonde ombre highlights which I loved!  At my last hair appointment in November, I had my stylist do a "warmer" look so my hair actually looks a little darker now (which I am not really a fan of), and I have been counting down til my next appointment (which is today!).

{my darker hair with my Dad at my sister Lauren's Aggie Ring Dunk}

Here are the inspiration photos I am going to show my stylist:

I am crossing my fingers I like the finished product!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Number #7...check!

Yesterday I completed my 7th half marathon!  As I mentioned friday,  I wasn't as prepared as I had been for previous halfs, but it ended up being a beautiful day.  I love The Cowtown race, so if you are in the North Texas area and are looking for a race...this has been my favorite.  I think it is a beautiful course, lots of cheering stations/bands, very organized post race with an indoor finisher area, and they reward you with bluebell!

{the medal wasn't too shabby either!}

I kept up with my sister and her friend Jenn for 9 miles, but mile 9 had a pretty intense half mile hill which left me pretty beat so at that point I waved goodbye to them and took a short walk break to pull myself together (which made me sad because I usually never walk during a race).  I wasn't too far behind them at the finish though.  They finished in 2:21, and I finished in 2:25.  I made it a small goal to make sure to beat my previous "worst" time which was 2:26 so mission accomplished!  Overall it was a great weekend, and I was so happy to run a race with my sister Lauren!


I think for a little while, I am going to focus more on shorter distance races, but may consider doing The Cowtown again next year because for the next 2 years the medals are part of a collection series and at the end fit together.  That's how they get you hooked!  

What is your favorite distance to run?

Happy Monday! :)

Dateless in Dallas

Friday, February 21, 2014

6 on Friday?

On Sunday I am running the Cowtown in Fort Worth, 7th half marathon!  I will say, that due to my unexpected strep throat/20 days of being sick combined with the crazy Dallas winter...I am not as prepared for this race as I would like to be.  I am however looking forward to some beautiful weather, great scenery, and the fact that I will be running beside my sister!  The last time I ran the Cowtown (top row, far right) I achieved a personal best time that I know I will probably not be able to beat this year.  Because of that, the Cowtown will always have a special place in my heart.  I plan to reflect over each mile that I run and think of all the people that wish they could be running but can't.  I think this may be my last half marathon for awhile (lucky number 7?) so I am going to enjoy it!  

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers sunday morning that I have a great race, and finish strong!  Happy Friday...time to carb up!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Glam Series - Get Yo Hair Did

My Hair Routine

Hair blow dryer / Straight iron / Sultra blow dryers iron / Sultra 'Bombshell' Clipless Iron Styling Glove / / Beyond the Zone Rock On Volumizing Powder / New Image Carbon Rattail Tease Comb

I am excited to join back in to Jordon's weekly linkup.  Today we are all talking about our hair routines.  I feel like after 29 years...I finally have my hair under control!

Ovation Cell Therapy 

Hi, I'm Janice and I buy things I hear about on the radio.  I have probably heard the commercial for the Ovation Cell Therapy hair treatment hundreds of times but a few months ago I was feeling pretty blah about my hair (I felt like it was stringy, brittle, dull...etc) and they were promoting a special holiday deal so I figured I would give it a shot.  The package I ordered was the Volume collection for $60 and it included a 6 oz shampoo and conditioner, 12 oz "Cell Therapy" treatment, hair spray, and special hair vitamins.  I figured it was a pretty good deal because just the 12 oz "Cell Therapy" retails for $56.  The "Cell Therapy" is an extra treatment to be 2-3 times a week between the shampoo and conditioner.  I leave it in for about 5 minutes while going about my other shower duties and then wash it out and then use conditioner (only on my ends) as usual.  I have noticed a great difference in my hair in just a month and a half!  I feel like it has grown more than normal, but that may also be due to the fact there is a lot less breakage than normal.  A few weeks ago, I saw my sister and she asked if I just got a haircut because my hair looked so healthy!  A compliment like that made my day, and confirmed the fact that this treatment was working (my sister had no idea I was trying out something new).  I also really like the way this stuff has a "coconutty" like smell which reminds me of vacation!

{Kinda Wash}

Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo

I first heard about this product from Shanna's blog and knew I had to give it a shot.  I have tried a few other types of dry shampoo but never felt like I was actually getting the real shampoo experience.  My hair still felt dirty and gross.  I picked this up on a Target trip one day, and haven't looked back.  It really works!  You just spray it on, stare at yourself with white hair feeling depressed about getting old and having legit white hair like that someday for a few minutes, brush it out, then voila - semi clean hair!  The best styling method I have found with "dry washed" hair is the curling method because it really holds the curl, and hides the creases that have appeared from sleeping on my hair.  I have already sold a few of my friends on this, so you should get on board too!

The Dry Bar Blowout in a Box

My mom surprised me with this for Christmas and I couldn't have been more excited!  She said she remembered how my last blowdryer smelled like burned hair and thought I could use a new one.  Gotta love the Mother's intuition huh?  A fancy blowdryer was never something I wanted to splurge on, especially since I had one that did the job.  This one literally blew me out of the water - pun intended!  It dries my hair in half the time and leaves it less poofy!  Double win!  For those of you that are not familiar with The Dry Bar it is a salon that only does hair blow outs.  They will wash you, dry you, and style you all nice and pretty all while you sip on some champagne and watch a movie!  It's pretty nice, and I highly recommend going there for a special night!  They have recently started marketing some of their equipment so that's where this "Blowout in a Box" comes in.  It included hair clips, a round brush, and a sample shampoo and conditioner but lets be honest - I am not coordinated enough to blow dry using a round brush but the clips come in handy for curling/straightening my hair.  


The Chi is no secret.  I've been a loyal Chi girl since 2004.  My hair isn't curly, but it doesn't look sleek enough to just blow dry and go.  I mainly use the Chi to calm down the fuzziness of my hair after blowdrying and to smooth out the small amount of waves.  I know there are probably better straighteners out there, but this one is a good 'ol classic!  I may venture out and try a different brand (I hear The Dry Bar makes a pretty awesome one!) whenever my Chi goes ka-put (which better not be for a few years because I just snagged this cute red one on sale on ideeli last year when my old Chi died!)

Beyond the Zone Volumizing Hair Powder + Teasing Comb 

(both found at Sally's Beauty Supply)

I live in Texas where the motto is "the higher the hair, the closer to God" so teasing is a little something extra I will do if I have the time.  If I am wearing my hair straight, I will usually finish up straightening it and then section off the top parts and pour in some hair powder and shake it around my roots and then get to work on teasing the crown area.  If I am curling my hair, I will do this first and then get to curling.  This powder helps add texture and holds the man-made volume pretty nicely, but I do notice that it takes about 2 shampoos for me to feel like it has completely washed out.  

Sultra Bombshell 1" Curling Rod

I've never really been about to curl my hair with a curling iron or curlers in a way that I would be ok going out in public before being introduced to this wand.  One of my friends had it and showed me how to use it and I was so impressed with the fact I could actually get my hair to look good curly!  At the time, it was on sale at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in a special "exclusive" hot pink color so I decided to splurge on it and have definitely got my money's worth!  It comes with a funny pink glove to protect your hand - and be warned this bad boy is HOT!  I have burned my hand, ear, scalp, and arm before and it's not fun.  The glove may be goofy looking, but it helps!  I have pretty much mastered the art of curling my hair with this tool, and can usually do my entire head in about 15 minutes.  I love it!!

Topstyler by Instyler 

I am still trying to get a hang out of using this set, but how it works is pretty cool.  It isn't your regular set of curlers.  Instead of curlers that heat up, this has what they call "C-Shells" which are little clips that are plated with ceremic that heat up.  After they are nice and hot, all you do is wrap your hair around 2 or 3 fingers and then clip the "C-Shell" over the wrapped up hair and then after about 5-10 minutes you have a super bouncy curl!  You have to be careful with the placement of the hair inside the shell, otherwise you get a janky looking curl (been there).  The times I have got it to look good enough to leave the house, the curls lasted all day!  I was so impressed!  I am still working on mastering this style (lots and lots of youtube tutorial viewing has been going on) but I think it is a great tool for getting your curl on.

As for hairspray, I don't have a brand I am loyal too.  I will pretty much use anything.  I am excited to see what everyone else in the linkup uses for their hair routine!  Happy Thursday everyone, and be sure to check out everyone else's posts!

The Glam Series

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stella & Dot Wish List!

Stella & Dot Wish List

Stella Dot red purse / Stella Dot necklace / Stella & Dot earrings / Stella Dot necklace / Stella Dot ring / Stella Dot bracelet / Stella & Dot earrings / Stella Dot ring / Stella & Dot stud earrings / Stella Dot wrap bracelet / Stella & Dot stud earrings / Stella Dot scarve

It is no secret I am obsessed with any and all accessories (and clearly the color green based on these selections).  My jewelry and scarf collection is pretty intense...I like to justify it by saying I am not a "shoe person" so I am saving money by not having a shoe addiction! Gotta pick your poison right?  I have also started buying more quality, classic pieces of jewelry that will last me awhile so I love Stella & Dot because their pieces do not change color or break like a lot of my older Forever 21 pieces.  No shame in the Forever 21 jewelry...I have a ton of it, but you really get what you pay for.

I am attending my friend's Stella & Dot party next week so thought I would share all the items that caught my eye after I perused the site.  First and foremost, I must draw attention to the green stud earrings over there at the top...they are named "The Janice Studs" and as a person who never finds their name on anything (just this past Christmas my mom bought some cute personalized ornaments with all of our names on it but had to get me a blank one and sharpie it on there!)  I was very excited by this!  I also once purchased a nail polish named Janice for the sole reason of sharing a name with it so I can pretty much guarantee I will be purchasing these babies.  Plus, I think they will go nicely with my eyes! :)

I also found this cute video on the Stella & Dot site that shows 10 ways to tie a scarf.  A lot of these methods were different than any I have seen before on any other tutorial floating around online.  I personally can't wait to try "The Swirl"!  Check it out here:

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Random Friday

Happy Valentine's Friday!!  Just wanted to share some random tidbits...


I have been abusing the sock bun like no other.  I went on a sock bun sabbatical after wearing it almost every day last year when I went to Spain.  After seeing it in all of my 1000+ pictures, I just couldn't rock it anymore.  I recently gave it another shot and I forgot how easy it is to look put together with minimal effort.  

 Just making friends in Madrid...I do my sockbun differently now so it looks more "full" but this sums up how I looked almost every day in Espana!


I have lost all motivation to workout.  First I blamed being sick, now I blame the cold, but in reality I just need to suck it up and get back into my routine!!  I'm running a half marathon next sunday so I need to step it up!! - Please give me an excuse to avoid the gym today


I am so happy I switched over to the blogger platform vs wordpress.  It is a bajillion times more user friendly!!  I know they both have their pros and cons, but I am happy with my decision!  You can follow me on google by clicking over on the right, or on Bloglovin!

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I have made an embarrassing amount of trips to the Dollar Tree in the past 2 weeks.  But they have great little nic-nacks perfect for Valentine's Day crafting!  More to come on that later...

For all your Valentine's needs!


Speaking of...Happy Valentine's Day!  Hope you all have a weekend filled with love!  I am excited to spend time with my Valentine this weekend!

Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day weekend!  XOXO!

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fabulous Finds at Target

Well the Target curse strikes again! I went in for a few random things and got sucked into the clothing department!  Never fails, huh?  Check out my fabulous finds (excuse the selfies haha):

{numero uno}

This bad boy is what initally sucked me in. I was minding my own business looking at makeup (which also wasn't on my shopping list haha) and I saw this waterfall Aztec sweater out of the corner of my eye!  I had been on the hunt for a good Aztec sweater, but have never really found one I loved and most seemed too "loud" for my taste.  This one was perfect!! I love the mint and brown.  It clearly doesn't match my skirt, but I think it would look great with grey skinnies, brown boots, and a belt!

{numero dos}

I was actually on the fence about this one because I didn't think it was a shirt I needed but after trying it on with my current outfit I was sold!  I loved how it looked with the mustard.  I am also envisioning it with mint jeans, turquoise jewlrey, or a coral scarf.  

In case you were wondering what I actually wore with my skirt here is a shot of my outfit:

I loved the plaid and mustard combo that I wore a few weeks ago, I just had to do it again! Now go run out to your nearest Tar-Jay and snatch up these fabulous finds before they sell out!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Showered With Love

The past 2 summers I have been in weddings for some of my closest friends.  I am actually a little sad that this year I am not in any weddings!  Last summer I was the maid of honor in my friend Rebecca's wedding, and the summer before I was a bridesmaid in my cousin Stephanie's wedding.  We threw Stephanie and Brandon a Cinco de Mayo themed couples shower and it was so fun!

Moustaches, sombreros, margarita cupcakes, and (unpictured) margaritas and fajitas...what could be more fun??  I can't remember which cupcake recipe I used, but I found this one that seems similar.  They were a hit!

I threw Rebecca's bridal shower at my parent's house in San Antonio and was so thankful to have my Mom's help!  I planned ahead, so had most of the decor created before getting in to town so I mainly had to work on the food preparations.  I followed this tutorial for the tissue paper garland on the fireplace and used this link to get the printables for the "Bride to Be" banner.  For this banner, I printed out the letters and then used Mod Podge to secure them to scrapbook paper by Mod Podging over both layers.  I hung them up using cute little mini clothespins and a ribbon. The printable banner also worked for the bachelorette party!

I had so much fun being a part of my friend's weddings!  Cheers to both of the (not so) newlywed couples! 

Love Always, Nancy J
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

JRaab's Closet #2 - Leather Leggings

Today I am sharing a recent date night look, staring my new favorite winter "pants".  I use the term "pants" loosely because they are technically leggings.  I saw the inspiration photo on the left and knew I could re-create it!


{inspiration via)

When I first got these "leather" leggings I was a little nervous about wearing them in public but finally embraced them and haven't looked back.  They are so comfortable but at the same time leave me feeling trendy and put together.  I ordered them off Jane in a daily deal sale for a whopping 6.99 so I recommend keeping an eye out!  I got the shirt for my birthday from my cousin Stephanie, but it's from Forever 21. I love the color!

{my cute date...who can never take a serious picture!}

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Monday, February 10, 2014

ABCs of Me

I saw this on Allison's blog a few weeks ago and thought it was so cute!

A - Age: 29 (and holding...eeek!)
B - Birthday: Oct 4
C - Color: I gravitate towards all things red, teal, purple, or coral.  I'm all over the place!
D - Drink: Diet Dr Pepper
E - Eyes: Green
F - Flashback: My guilty pleasure is 90s TV.  "Full House", "Boy Meets World" and "Saved By The Bell" are my happy places!
G - Gent: Boyfriend, Brad :)
H - Hobby: Working on my fitness, crafting, and recently...this lil 'ol blog!
I - Indulgence: Chickfila!  I am a firm believer that there isn't a day bad enough that some waffle fries and strips can't fix!
J - Job: Banker by day, badass by night (ha!)
K - Kiddos: Someday!
L - Love: NOT being sick.  After almost a month of being sick, I can't help but think how thankful I am for being healthy!  Being sick is no bueno.
M - Music: My pandora is always on "Today's Country" mixed in with "Today's Pop"
N - Nation: USA!...and ready to watch some ice skating in the Olympics!
O - Overstock:  Hi I'm Janice, and I am an accessory-aholic! (if you saw my necklace collection you would judge me)
P - Pets:  None of my own, but I love love love my parent's dogs Shiner and Spoetzel (my dad really likes Texas beer if you can't tell haha)
Q - Quote: "Not everyday is a good day, but there is something good in every day"...unsure where I heard this but I have had it on a post-it note at my desk for about 3 years!
R - Residence:  Dallas, TX but I grew up in good ol San Antonio
S - Siblings: 1 younger brother, and 1 younger sister (see below)
T - Temperature: I love mid 70 degree days!
U - University: Texas A&M, Gig Em!
V - Vehicle: Howie my Honda Accord Coupe!
- Want: it to finally start warming up!  Def not a fan of sub 30 degree weather like we have had most of this week!
X -  Files?
Y - Yuck: SNAKES!!!!!!!
Z - Zodiac: Libra (or is it Virgo?...No idea because they keep changing it and I don't really follow these things haha)

{Hanging out with the siblings at the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi circa 1993}

I also re-vamped the "About JRaab" page if you are dying to learn more about me! :)  Happy Monday!!

Saturday, February 8, 2014


I have officially switched to the Blogger platform!  Blogging is quickly becoming a time consuming hobby, but I am enjoying it and learning a ton!  I would love it if you followed me on Bloglovin or Google Friend Connect!  Thanks for sticking by me! :)

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Friday, February 7, 2014

5 on Friday - Winter Blues


Hello Friday!  Glad to see ya again!


I am so sick of this weather!  Yesterday was 18 degrees and we got about an inch of snow.  I welcomed this behavior back in December and maybe January.  But now...I am over it and ready to not see my jacket until at least December.



I am obsessed with my super easy vday decor.  Since it's been so cold, I haven't been getting out much the past few days so what's a girl to do?  Valentine's crafts of course!  I saw this pin with printout hearts and it was as simple as cutting and hanging up.  I used some tiny cute clothespins left over from wedding shower crafts and a ribbon to hang them up.


Mental note - update picture frame photos haha


Since I have been spending a lot of time indoors, it has given me a chance to get some serious use out of the Barre3 DVDs I got for christmas.  I've done them 3 days in a row, and I am feeling the burn in my core and arms!



I really hope it warms up before tomorrow morning at 8 am because I am running the Hot Chocolate 15k!  Right now the weather is showing an expected 30 degrees at start time...wonderful!  I just really really hope it is above freezing.  But hey, at least I get a bunch of hot chocolate at the end right?  Totally makes it worth running 9.3 miles for huh? ;)


I am no stranger to running in miserable weather...time to bust out the 'ol penguin hat!


I thought I would cure myself of the winter blues by perusing some of my favorite online stops for sales and found this amazing deal on a Kendra Scott necklace that I think would make an excellent addition to my collection.  For a savings of $128, don't mind if I do!!!  Plus, I think it would look so pretty with outfits of all seasons!  Last Call always has great deals on Kendra Scott if you catch it at the right time!  Check it out, you won't be sorry!

ava necklace

That's all folks!!  Have a great weekend, and cross your fingers I don't freeze to death tomorrow morning!!

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