Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Evolution of My Hair

Over the years, my 'do has gone through some serious changes...warning...I am about to expose to you my hair past:

1 - 2004

This is my hair au natural...before I ever did anything damaging to it.  Ah, those were the days...

2 - Beginning of 2005

I first began getting blonde highlights

3 - End of 2005

The blonde highlights start getting more intense

4 - Early 2006

The worst picture ever.  This is what I get for getting my hair done from a place that put coupons on the back of an HEB receipt...what was I thinking?!

5 - Summer 2006

I had it with the gross blonde highlights turned full blonde hair and began dying it back to my natural color/crying every day over the fact I had ruined my hair.

6 - Fall 2006

I somehow decided it would be cute to cut my hair crazy short (and dress like a bumblebee #collegelife)

7 - Fall 2007

I graduated and was living the "big girl" life and thought it would be sophisticated to go a shade darker than my natural color.  It wasn't really a bad decision but after this color faded, I was basically back to my natural color and spent the next 6 years growing my hair out and keeping it back to it's natural color state.

8 - 2012

My natural hair once again!

9 - 2013

I started to get the itch to get highlights again so I made myself look at all my old pictures with terrible blonde highlights but took the plunge and got some subtle blonde ombre highlights which I loved!  At my last hair appointment in November, I had my stylist do a "warmer" look so my hair actually looks a little darker now (which I am not really a fan of), and I have been counting down til my next appointment (which is today!).

{my darker hair with my Dad at my sister Lauren's Aggie Ring Dunk}

Here are the inspiration photos I am going to show my stylist:

I am crossing my fingers I like the finished product!


  1. Wooohooo! Love seeing this. My hair has been through many stages too. I'm currently on my way to warming up my blonde more and more as the temp gets warmer. Cannot wait...! ;)

  2. Love this..Jessica Biel gives me total hair envy :) Xx.

  3. Loved seeing the changes! And I love the pics you're going to show your stylist....it'll look great on you!


  4. love all those colors you gave your stylist for today! can't wait to see it!

  5. Love the evolution pictures.. I wish I had the guts to change up my hair! I've never done ANYthing to the color which is so lame! I always think about it and have all these great plans and then I freak out when I get to the salon haha can't wait to see the new hair!


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