Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'm the kinda girl who...

I've seen a few other bloggers do this and thought it was cute so I am joining in the fun!

I'm the type of girl who...

...doesn't like to be early so always ends up a little late.
...falls asleep on the couch.
...loves accessories.
...will respond to a text immediately.
...remembers everything to the point it can come off creepy.
...takes selfies with no shame.
...can't stop crying after it starts...gotta ride out that wave.
...gets into a routine and when it's disrupted has trouble getting back into it (aka my workout dilemma I mentioned here).
...prefers documentaries over reality tv (a recent discovery - ha!).
...loves trying new recipes but rarely will make something twice even if it's amazing.
...will go out of my way to get free stuff or to snag a good deal. 
...makes a mess when eating. sad when I'm done with my meal.
...has a hard time making decisions about anything.
...prefers salty over sweet.
...will follow up hardcore workout with a fast food meal and have no guilt.

That's meeeee!  What kind of girl are you?

Birthday selfie with no shame!

Linking up with Holly!

Sidenote...Since I am new to this whole blogging thaang and just created my own shiny new button right over there to the right, I am now curious as to the etiquette of blog buttons.  Do you ask before slapping someone else's button to your page or is it a free for all?  I'm clueless!  Any insight would be greatly appreciated! :)


  1. I'm salty over sweet too, girlie! Cheers to that!!! xx

  2. Oh I will do almost anything for a good deal or something free haha.
    Have you signed up for eBates yet??

  3. In the same crying boat as you, doll!!! Xx.

  4. Falling asleep on the couch - check!! Sad when my meal is over - Check!! totally make a mess while eating as well!! - Happy to swap buttons with you! :) I'll add it to my page!


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