Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Showered With Love

The past 2 summers I have been in weddings for some of my closest friends.  I am actually a little sad that this year I am not in any weddings!  Last summer I was the maid of honor in my friend Rebecca's wedding, and the summer before I was a bridesmaid in my cousin Stephanie's wedding.  We threw Stephanie and Brandon a Cinco de Mayo themed couples shower and it was so fun!

Moustaches, sombreros, margarita cupcakes, and (unpictured) margaritas and fajitas...what could be more fun??  I can't remember which cupcake recipe I used, but I found this one that seems similar.  They were a hit!

I threw Rebecca's bridal shower at my parent's house in San Antonio and was so thankful to have my Mom's help!  I planned ahead, so had most of the decor created before getting in to town so I mainly had to work on the food preparations.  I followed this tutorial for the tissue paper garland on the fireplace and used this link to get the printables for the "Bride to Be" banner.  For this banner, I printed out the letters and then used Mod Podge to secure them to scrapbook paper by Mod Podging over both layers.  I hung them up using cute little mini clothespins and a ribbon. The printable banner also worked for the bachelorette party!

I had so much fun being a part of my friend's weddings!  Cheers to both of the (not so) newlywed couples! 

Love Always, Nancy J
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  1. Love this! We did a margarita & monogram theme for mine but anytime you have that Mexican aspect the colors are so bright and fun! haha Love the dresses you both are wearing!

  2. Those showers are awesome! So are you from SA since your parents live there? One of my closest friends lives in SA right now!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love that Cinco de Mayo couples shower!! You have such awesome plans :)

  4. LOVE the Cinco themed party!!! That is so cute!!!

  5. that is so dang cute!! love the decorations!! totally bookmarking that tissue garland!


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