Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stella & Dot Wish List!

Stella & Dot Wish List

Stella Dot red purse / Stella Dot necklace / Stella & Dot earrings / Stella Dot necklace / Stella Dot ring / Stella Dot bracelet / Stella & Dot earrings / Stella Dot ring / Stella & Dot stud earrings / Stella Dot wrap bracelet / Stella & Dot stud earrings / Stella Dot scarve

It is no secret I am obsessed with any and all accessories (and clearly the color green based on these selections).  My jewelry and scarf collection is pretty intense...I like to justify it by saying I am not a "shoe person" so I am saving money by not having a shoe addiction! Gotta pick your poison right?  I have also started buying more quality, classic pieces of jewelry that will last me awhile so I love Stella & Dot because their pieces do not change color or break like a lot of my older Forever 21 pieces.  No shame in the Forever 21 jewelry...I have a ton of it, but you really get what you pay for.

I am attending my friend's Stella & Dot party next week so thought I would share all the items that caught my eye after I perused the site.  First and foremost, I must draw attention to the green stud earrings over there at the top...they are named "The Janice Studs" and as a person who never finds their name on anything (just this past Christmas my mom bought some cute personalized ornaments with all of our names on it but had to get me a blank one and sharpie it on there!)  I was very excited by this!  I also once purchased a nail polish named Janice for the sole reason of sharing a name with it so I can pretty much guarantee I will be purchasing these babies.  Plus, I think they will go nicely with my eyes! :)

I also found this cute video on the Stella & Dot site that shows 10 ways to tie a scarf.  A lot of these methods were different than any I have seen before on any other tutorial floating around online.  I personally can't wait to try "The Swirl"!  Check it out here:

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