Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fabulous Finds at Target

Well the Target curse strikes again! I went in for a few random things and got sucked into the clothing department!  Never fails, huh?  Check out my fabulous finds (excuse the selfies haha):

{numero uno}

This bad boy is what initally sucked me in. I was minding my own business looking at makeup (which also wasn't on my shopping list haha) and I saw this waterfall Aztec sweater out of the corner of my eye!  I had been on the hunt for a good Aztec sweater, but have never really found one I loved and most seemed too "loud" for my taste.  This one was perfect!! I love the mint and brown.  It clearly doesn't match my skirt, but I think it would look great with grey skinnies, brown boots, and a belt!

{numero dos}

I was actually on the fence about this one because I didn't think it was a shirt I needed but after trying it on with my current outfit I was sold!  I loved how it looked with the mustard.  I am also envisioning it with mint jeans, turquoise jewlrey, or a coral scarf.  

In case you were wondering what I actually wore with my skirt here is a shot of my outfit:

I loved the plaid and mustard combo that I wore a few weeks ago, I just had to do it again! Now go run out to your nearest Tar-Jay and snatch up these fabulous finds before they sell out!


  1. love that aztec sweater so much!!!! ahhh target never fails. xx.

  2. This is so me at Target - I go in for something like tin foil and leave with makeup, a few new shirts, a pair of shoes and maybe a purse. SO BAD! Love that aztec sweater!

  3. Such great finds- love then all! Target is a dangerous place...I always walk out of there spending more money than I should!

  4. You have gotten some really awesome stuff! Love the plaid + mustard combo!


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