Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hello Again + Pinterest Challenge

Well hello there!  Clearly blogging wasn't in the cards for me in 2013, but hoping that 2014 will be a different game!  I discovered a ton of fun blogs last year that I enjoy stalking reading daily which have inspired me to get back on the blog train!  I also made a new years resolution to attempt to utilize more of my 4000+ Pinterest pins and plan to share those pinning attempts here.  Here is a look at how the first full week of 2014 pinned, I mean played out:

1.  Crock Pot Orange Chicken (1.2.14)



My first ever recipe in my new Crockpot that Santa brought me that I am now OBSESSED with!  What took me so long to get on board?

2. Leopard, Red, and Denim (1.3.14)


(original inspiration pin had a shady link)  Excuse my selfie...I thought I was being cute by mimicking the exact stance of the model but now realize I just look like a goof!

3. My Fit Foods Dupes from The Slender Student (1.5.14)


(via my instagram)

Seriously.  Go out and buy the ingredients in her shopping list (how convenient of her right?) and make these now!  You will thank yourself in the morning when you don't have to scramble around to pack a lunch and you will also get to enjoy a healthy tasty lunch!  FYI these are a little on the spicy side but can be adjusted.

4.  Puffy Vest and Plaid (1.7.14)


(original inspiration pin found here)

I love my new puffy vest from Old Navy!  I was pumped to find it on sale while home in San Antonio for Christmas!  It is sold out online, but you may still be able to snag it in a store near you!

5.  & 6. Coral, Denim, and Leopard with a "Fake" knot tied scarf


(original inspiration pin found here)



7. Pink and Black



Not that exciting but it was an outfit I pin I attempts to use so it counts!  I didn't take a pic of my own outfit, but I styled it with my new Old Navy sweater (which I got on sale for $8!) over a pink long sleeved shirt I got at the Gap a few years ago paired with leggings.   It was a comfy outfit but left me feeling a little blah (hence why there was not a pic ha!).

8.  Southwest Crockpot Chicken


Original recipe found here.  I altered it a little and served it on top of lettuce shreds with pico de gallo, salsa, and a scoop of greek yogurt mixed with taco seasoning.  It was delicious!!  We loved it and I have a feeling this will become a repeat dish!

9.  Mustard Jeans and Stripes


(original inspiration pin found here)

This was my "casual friday" outfit from last week.  Oh how I wish I could wear jeans every day...or even better - leggings!!

I always seem to find myself pinning a bajillion scarf tying tutorials but never end up attempting them.  However, I have a feeling this one will become my new go-to method.  It is much better than the lumpy awkward knot I used to find myself tying!

To follow me in this 2014 pin-teresting experiment, you can follow the Pinterest board here!

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  1. What a great idea! Seriously I have SO MANY pins that I want to utilize, this would be perfect. LOVE the pink & black!!!!


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