Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The 3 Amigos

Well after dusting off this ol blog I found this post I typed up almost a year ago in Feb 2013 that I never posted.

Well hello there's been awhile, eh?  I was hit with some writing inspiration today so I thought I would run with it.  As the "winter" season wraps up, I started to think about all of my winter favs I will soon bid farewell for awhile.  Today, I realized that I was wearing 3 of these items!

Exhibit A



Dear Express Red Jeans - oh how I love you!  I have definitely worn you the most out of all my skinny jeans and I am sure you are the envy of all my other skinnies because I think they have caught on I like you the best.  I can't help it - you are sassy, loud, fun, and are so versatile!  I love finding new ways to wear you.  Don't you worry, I plan to squeeze as much use out of you before pants are no longer comfortable to wear in the hot Texas heat!

Exhibit B



Dear Tan Polka Dot Old Navy Sweater - You were on my radar as soon as I saw you pop up all over Pinterest.  I was dying to pair you with my turquoise skinnies but I searched and searched and couldn't find you in my size anywhere!  Just when I was about to give up, I spotted you on one of those creepy "SuperModelquins" in my size and I politely asked a salesperson to strip you off of her and we have been together ever since.  I have found several different ways to wear you, and hope to continue our relationship throughout the spring!  PS You also almost made me lose my iPhone because I was so excited about finding you, I left my phone in the dressing room and luckily an employee found it and brought it up front as I was checking out.  #crisisavoided


Homegirl 2nd from the left and I share the same fashion taste...I stripped her of another shirt recently too!  Sorry girlie!

Exhibit C



Dear Steve Madden Intyce Boots - Even though it seems like every girl in Dallas owns you, I know I am your one and only.  I bought you last year and wore you so much that I had to take you in to get your soles repaired before the start of the winter season (January 2014 edit: I also ended up getting the soles fixed a 2nd time in April 2013 before my trip to Spain...and they probably need a 3rd repair after all the use I got out of them while abroad!), but you have been as good as new ever since!  I also noticed that you are on sale right now...which instantly made me angry (because I love a good deal) but now I am considering purchasing your fraternal twin in black.  Would you be jealous??


January 2014 update - I do still own and love all 3 of those articles of clothing!  I never did purchase the above mentioned "fraternal twin" of the Intyce boot, but I am proud to announce that my boot family has grown by 2 members with the purchase of the following 2 pairs of Miz Mooz with the encouragement of Schaeffer over at Pinterest Told Me To.


I almost feel a little silly that I have these in both brown and black but I first got the black pair during the Anniversary sale at Nordstrom this summer and couldn't wait until fall to bust them out.  But since it basically went from summer to winter here in Dallas, I didn't realize my love for these boots until November which was perfect timing for me to snag the brown pair on Cyber Monday!  Double score!  I was in the market for a new brown pair because during my 2013 trip to Spain during the "coldest spring Madrid has had since the 1920s" I ended up wearing my Steve Madden pair every day and night so I have grown a little tired of them (and they are pretty worn).

IMG_0864In case you needed proof of me wearing "The Three Amigos"...this was taken in Madrid last April with my Boston Bestie Elana!

I am super excited because today is my first link up with 2 of my fav fellow Texas blog gals Shanna and Sarah!


  1. Great outfit! I had to laugh when I read this because when I saw the picture of the cognac wedge boots I go, "oh those are the ones pinterest told me to" keeps recommending and then you said the same thing! haha

  2. Haha I usually don't give in to the hype on popular items but seriously LOVE these boots! Thanks for stopping by!

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